Charitable Affiliations

We are proud to announce that we donate 10% of our profits to charity, to do our part in making the world a better place. We select a new charity each quarter.

Ocean Cleanup

We will donate 10% of the profits from our first 3 months to Ocean Cleanup. Ocean Cleanup is an organisation dedicated to getting rid of the plastic in our oceans and rivers. They have raised millions for their cause and have fleets of ships that are clearing up our oceans.

For more information on Ocean Cleanup

Young Enterprise

We will donate 10% of the profits from our second quarter to Young Enterprise. In 2018, we started our first ever company through the Young Enterprise program. It allowed us to experience the opportunities that the world of business has to offer. We want other young people to be able to have the same opportunity that we had. Young Enterprise is a charity that puts groups of young people interested in entrepreneurship, in contact with experienced mentors and allows them to compete against other young people; to give a taste of the difficult yet satisfying task of starting up a business.

Your Choice

For the rest of the year, its up to you! You can have a say in what charities we should support. Contact us through our email or our social medias, and let us know which charity we should support! All votes will be counted at the end of each quarter.

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